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It has been a long time coming....but here I am back on LJ. I miss you all!

November 22nd, 2008 (06:42 pm)

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Hello all my friends!

I realize that I haven't been on LJ in over a year. I miss LJ and can't wait to catch up with all my friends on here. I have been so busy with my theatre career and FB and myspace are easier to access than LJ. But I don't want to get my profile deleted on here. I'm sure I have been deleted on many a profile by not hitting up your posts. I really haven't been on here. I want to reconnect with those I love and miss. We must talk soon!

So I am here to stay. I have Leigh, Mandy, My Popper, Ash, and more on here.....I just miss all the pic posting and love new icons! .....that my Sissa leigh has given me!

I don't want Lj to delete me. Love you and miss you all! I have so much to post and talk about. I have been SO busy with the theatre and I live at PPT. We are a family! I got my professional pics but my scanner is being mad. I have no idea what is wrong, but it's not working well.


Posted by: Miss Analyst (miss_analyst)
Posted at: December 1st, 2008 10:52 pm (UTC)
I'd send you a flower ... a sunflower!

Just catching up on my f-page and was surprised but really pleased to see you back! Its been too long!

Btw excuse my pimping lol, only if you want to of course, join the new-ish SH forums (http://www.simplyhelen.net/forums), I miss you around Helen forums, its not the same without you honestly!

Anyways its good to hear that you're doing okay! Seriously it goods to have you back.

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