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miss_mirren [userpic]

Do you loves still use LJ?

May 4th, 2010 (02:30 pm)

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I am a dork. I googled myself and one of things that came up was my LJ account. I love how I posted in 07 then like a year later in 08...I told myself I was going to check this more often, but alas: 2010 and no posts.

I want to start using this again (as I'm not a twitter gal and FB can be limited), but don't know how many of you still use it.

For the Helen group on here: LOADS AND LOADS of new pics.....of course since last time I posted, but loads from 2010 alone!! (Note: I have forgotten how to post pics on here.)

Hit me up and say HI!

xx Dee

miss_mirren [userpic]

It has been a long time coming....but here I am back on LJ. I miss you all!

November 22nd, 2008 (06:42 pm)

current location: Turkey Land.
current mood: grateful
current song: Nina Simone

Hello all my friends!

I realize that I haven't been on LJ in over a year. I miss LJ and can't wait to catch up with all my friends on here. I have been so busy with my theatre career and FB and myspace are easier to access than LJ. But I don't want to get my profile deleted on here. I'm sure I have been deleted on many a profile by not hitting up your posts. I really haven't been on here. I want to reconnect with those I love and miss. We must talk soon!

So I am here to stay. I have Leigh, Mandy, My Popper, Ash, and more on here.....I just miss all the pic posting and love new icons! .....that my Sissa leigh has given me!

I don't want Lj to delete me. Love you and miss you all! I have so much to post and talk about. I have been SO busy with the theatre and I live at PPT. We are a family! I got my professional pics but my scanner is being mad. I have no idea what is wrong, but it's not working well.

miss_mirren [userpic]


November 23rd, 2007 (07:42 pm)

current location: My room watching E!
current mood: sick
current song: E!

First off: I hope everyone had a very HAPPY and AMZING Thanksgiving!!!! Did everyone eat loads of Turkey or Tofurkey and get lots of sleep!?! My day was, well....not the best to say the least. It was very disappointing actually. Mom and Gram have been fighting, so mom wouldn't go to the club for Thanksgiving. So, in turn, Pete wouldn't go. Other family and close family friends were out of town.....so I went to the club with Gram and her two friends. Real 12-year-old of you, mom. She is so busy and does a million and one things....so maybe she just took a little foray over the edge.

I was sad that I didn't talk to many people who I consider myself thankful for. :(

Stace, I should have taken you up LONG AGO about spending it with "my other fam" in B-lo! :) Talking to you last night made my day so much better.

Secondly: I haven't been on much because I have been sick. What started as an infection from stage make-up, has turned into 3 weeks of illness. Apparently all the stage make-up clogged all of the glands in my throat (neck area), which then spread all over my body. So I have been on LOADS of antibiotics and bed rest. To make matters worse, my blood work came back not the best. Out of 15 tested areas, I was off or too low in 10 of them.

I have really missed everyone so much! When you have been on here for like 3 years and keep in contact with friends through LJ, you really miss out. So I can't wait to try and catch up and see how everyone has been!

AND.....get this......I get a random message......that because I don't post Helen pic spams every other day on here or HMAS, that I don't love Helen anymore. Yeah, what the hell ever. I can't log onto HMAS STILL!! There is some sort of block. So I am the photo mod over there, but can't post ANY of my new pics. Great. BUT to say I don't adore Helen anymore????? That comment almost makes me speechless. Who whould ever say this to me!!??!!

So now I bring you a Helen pic-a-licious experience! Along with some of my Dixie Virginia. I am so thankful for her and the love she gives me. Hearing her voice, I know I can do it. I can get there. I can finish my master's and get to LA, and be near my agent, and get to those auditions....and, well....make it happen. She is an amazing woman.

OH.....see Enchanted!!! It's such a fun time! I smiled the whole time!

Thank you Stacey McDouche Flagg! You are the best and I thanked Helen like 47 times for your yesterday and everyday. I would be lost without you man. Word.

I give you Helen Lydia.......pefection under the cut. :)

loads of love! xx Dee

This is life, not heaven....you don't have to be perfectCollapse )

Now........I want my Dixie Belle to SHINE. She more than deserves it.

To be someone, you must lastCollapse )

WOW! It has been a long time! I haven't posted pics of myself on here in ages. Since I posted pics of Helen and Dixie, why not post some new pictures of me? If you have other on-line applications, then perhaps you have seen these.....???

Drew and me!! We always have FUN TIMES!

Have Yourself a Merry Little ChristmasCollapse )

Samo and Debo

Someday, when I'm awfully love, I will feel a glow just thinking of you...and the way you look tonightCollapse )


miss_mirren [userpic]

"And the dreams that you dare to dream really do come true....."

October 24th, 2007 (10:00 pm)

current mood: tired
current song: E!


So after my show ended I got very, very busy with something else. I have been working on my next show AND stepping into a new phase in my life....I will be teaching. I will be helping an amazing boy named Jack. He has down's syndrome and I will be his teacher and aide for this next semester. I will also teach him the arts. He is an amazing kid and is soooo open and outgoing. I can't wait to work with him everyday! I move back to my place in the city next year, so I only have this term with him!

So I haven't been able to catch up on how things are with you, my Dolls! Please send me a message letting me know how you are! I have caught up with some of you Dolls, but haven't with some!

I hope all of you are well and can't wait to hear how you are!

I want to send my love and "Helen Help Me" to:
My darling Tallulah Belle!
The fabulous Berka Berka!
And my bif bif Stacey Douchebag Flagg!
I love you my Sissy Sissy Leigh-Leigh!

I love you and would be lost without you!

And my Aunt Barb......I love being able to spend everyday with her. Her opinions and thoughts mean so much to me!

So now for picspams! Mostly Helen! But if you have talked me lately, you will know that my Auntie Poo Poo has been there through think and through thin......on a daily basis.....and helped me see the "Big Picture" more clearly!

One lives in the hope of becoming a memoryCollapse )


Imagination is the highest kite one can fly Lauren BacallCollapse )

miss_mirren [userpic]

New Helenly perfection!

October 21st, 2007 (07:19 pm)

current location: my roomie
current mood: crappy
current song: E!

Sadly, I still am unable to get onto the HMAS forum!

So I have new Helen pictures to share! They are from the A Fine Romance in Culver City the other day!


Her lil outfit is soooo darling!

How is everyone?? Let me know!!
I miss you all! Life is still quite busy, hence why I am still MIA!

loads of love!

I pretended to be someone I wanted to be until finally I became that personCollapse )

miss_mirren [userpic]


October 15th, 2007 (05:17 pm)

current mood: bouncy
current song: Law and Order


Thank Helen!


miss_mirren [userpic]

HELLLLLOOOOO MY LOVES......show closed tonite, so here I am!

October 14th, 2007 (09:05 pm)

current location: My rooomie
current mood: drained
current song: E!

Oh, how I have missed everyone! I hope everyone has been well! I haven't read an entry in weeks, so I have NO idea how most of you are doing! I can't wait to get back into the LJ world and catch up with my dolls and their lives.

So I have had my show. That is really where I have been and what I have been up to. Tonite was closing nite. I am WIPED OUT. But, I already miss my play and my cast. To know that I don't have to be there tomorrow nite and see everyone....that makes me sad. I like the extra time, but when it comes to my plays, I would rather be acting!!!!! So before I go to bed I want to post some pictures from my show as well as some of Helly Welly! :)

I hope all is well with everyone!! Please respond to this or email me and let me know how you are and what you are up to. My email is Debs32sp@aol.com just in case. Doesn't have to be long.....I just want to get all caught up!

AND....if you have facebook, please add me. I love talking to some of you mates over there.

AND......thank you Stacey Flagg for everything. I would be very, very lost without you! Love you Doucher! Peace Out!

Now, on to the pics.....the first ones are from the show....

Me and an my amazing Auntie Poo....she's like a 2nd momma to me:

I've been an actress for quite a long time. You have moments of recognition and moments when you're struggling, and you know both will pass. The important thing is to keep going, if you can. -the one and only Helen MirrenCollapse )

Now for the true perfection: HELEN LYDIA! It has been toooo long since I have posted and ever longer since I have posted the amazingness that IS HELEN!!

And for all of your darlings who are members of HMAS: I am having issues getting in to the forum!! :( It is being worked on. I haven't had loads of time on ANY chat places lately, but still......I'm the photo mod and have loads of pics to share!

Don't assume magic will happen unless you create itCollapse )

And I have to say this, since I have had a bit of an issue with this lately: PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE.....if you take pictures that I have posted on here, please credit me or ask me for the photographer's name who sent them to me. Some of these pics have come from all different people/sources and I want everyone to get their due.

Hope everyone is well! :)


miss_mirren [userpic]

Long time no me.

October 2nd, 2007 (12:23 am)

current location: Ma room
current mood: blah
current song: E!


My new show has kept me insanely busy! During the times I would normally do my LJ posts, I have LONNNNNGGG rehearsal. There are some good points and some baaaaad points about my show, but lets hope it all comes together by this Friday.

I have not read posts for weeks. I admit it. I haven't had the time and I feel like I have NOOOO idea what is up with anyone. So, that's why I haven't commented. Please don't think it's because I don't care. Seriously, I haven't been able to comment in ages. Usually I go through my LJ at nite, and that time has been eaten up with rehearsals, fittings, make up tests, etc.

I hope you all are well and things are going well. I cannot wait to catch up and hear/see/read what you are up too!

This week has started off sad. My grampy died last October 1st. I was just BLAH and UGH today and yesterday. I didn't want to do/think/see/hear about anything. I stared at E! most of the day, then went tanning, then for a workout with my Aunt Barb. She had me laughing til' I was in tears. Then there was rehearsal.....the laughs ended, but as the nite went on, things seemed to get better. 9 costume changes are kicking my bum bum.

And just to put the word out there.....I am obsessed with E!, Bravo, Top Chef and Tim Gunn......esp. Tim! LOVE HIM!

Soooo....just want to say:

I love you Grampy and will always miss you. My world is not the same without you. "I've lived a life that's full; I've traveled each and every byway....and more, much more than this...I did it my way. In my eulogy at his Memorial service I included the lyrics to "My Way."

I should have fininshed "The Year of Magicial Thinking" before this day.

I am so excited that I ordered Helen's new book like 8 months ago and it came today. It couldn't have come at a better time. It's such a gorgeous, in-depth, flawless book. Thank you Helen.

I have a Facebook now...thanks to Douchebag McFlagg. I think you can find me by Debra Lynn Hasselbacher....hmmm.....

I can't seem to log onto the HMAS message board. All of a sudden my password doesn't work. I tired to get a new one, but when I keyed it in, NO LUCK. So, I have allll these HELEN pics to share, but can't post them to HMAS. Oki....??

This makes me happy. So I have doing a HUGE Helen pic spam....so get ready!!

To be somebody you must lastCollapse )

miss_mirren [userpic]

Dear Brett.....

September 17th, 2007 (10:49 pm)

current location: my room
current mood: crushed
current song: CSI

Thank you for your humor, your laugh, your smile, your voice.....

Your ability to make me laugh by being "real" and being you......I will always respect you and love you. The world will never laugh as much wihtout Brett....she had it. She could make you feel like everything would be ok......! It felt like Brett would be here forever.

RIP Brett. You are one of a kind!

To be somebody, you must lastCollapse )


miss_mirren [userpic]

Because she is amazing perfection...

September 17th, 2007 (05:45 am)

current mood: ecstatic
current song: Replay of the Emmy's!

I have to share these!

I fell asleep just after the Emmy's last night, but I woke up at 4am for some reason. I think the excitement and the fact these need to be seen!!! :)

I'm sorry I haven't been commenting as much lately. My show is keeping me busy.

xoxo Deb

I love the gown.....OMG THE COLOR IS GORGEOUS!!! I adore her hair and her makeup! AND.....her nails! She is so freaking gorgeous!

In the arms of an angel, may you find comfort hereCollapse )

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